Come a Little Closer Please

You can only share as much of me
As you know about me yourself
And the reason you know so little
Is that your Bible stays on the shelf

It is not that you don’t love me
Or believe that I am good and wise
But you will share most easily with others
What you hold most before your eyes

Now if you follow your conversation
Pay attention to the things that you discuss
Most often they are of your own things
Because you invest so little in ‘US’

I want you to take time to know me
And you can’t do that in a minute or two
So before you pretend that we are close
There is something that you must do

Read your Bible, it tells about me
And the wonderful things I have planned
Separate yourself from this world
Is what I expect and command

Give me the time you give to others
Hours of television, time on the phone
You will be able to draw others to me
Only when WE have spent time alone

Come My child please draw closer
I know all there is about you
I’d like you to tell others about me
But first, you must know Me too

Jas 4:8 Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.