Die Today

I went to church today
The pastor was absurd
This message he did say
The strangest words I’ve heard

I want to die today
Will you die with me too
It seemed a stupid question
A real dumb thing to do

But this preacher was not kidding
He did not grin or smile
I ignored his crazy bidding
I’d not walk down that aisle

He said die to self pity
Die to your lust and greed
Your life has not been pretty
As your gluttony you feed

Come die and gain your real life
Come die, be born again
You’ll only know true peace
When you repent from selfish sin

As I moved towards this death
As I started to let things go
With each moment, every breath
I felt Christ in me grow

Christ told me to forget
He told me to forgive
The pain that others cause
If I want to truly live

So I heeded the preacher’s call
And that is why I write today
If I want to gain my life
I must first give it away

Mt 16:25
For whosoever will save his
life shall lose it: and
whosoever will lose his life
for my sake shall find it.