My Lover Called

My lover called me last night
He said ‘Ive been trying to reach you’
You’ve been out of range out of sight’
I said; ‘I have so much to do.’

I am busy with work and my studies
My favorite shows on TV
Then I have to hang with my buddies
And last of all, there’s down time with me

So you see dear Lover don’t be offended
I will call you when I need you here
Just wait till this TV series ended
Give me time Lover, please try to be fair

My Lover paused for a moment
He was quiet and as usual polite
He said ‘indeed I will not rush you,
I do know your schedule is tight’

Just remember that if you let me get closer
If you give Me more time and more prayer
You will find all distractions and troubles
Will disappear with your woes and your cares

For I am a lover understanding and patient
I don’t rush in without invitation
When you realize you are lonely without me
I will meet you in all situations

But as long as you feel you don’t need me
I will let you go your way as you will
Just remember I am here waiting for you
For My love is both eternal and real

1John 4:8 ‘…,God is love.’