Pimples and Dimples

My lover is keeps it simple
My lover makes it plain
My lover knows my laugh
My lover knows my pain

He knows I’m far from perfect
Even when I try my best
He focuses on my good points
And de-emphasize the rest

My lover kisses pimples
Those on the cheek and nose
Just as He smooches dimples
Because my lover knows

The pimples are a part of me
Their marks etched into my face
But my dimples will fade with time
Leaving wrinkles in their trace

So my lover chooses both
That is His preference, you see
Failures, faults and foibles
Is why my lover chooses me

For if he saw only dimples
And as those sweet traits do leave
His love in turn would grow cold
That would cause my heart to grieve

So he kisses every pimple
Every blackhead, mark and mole
That is love, true love indeed
My lover satisfies my soul

Psalms 103:14: For HE knows OUR frame; HE remembers that we dust.

C.S. Lewis: You don’t have a soul, you have a body. You are a soul.