Port Au Prince Outreach

This man has an obstructing duodenal ulcer which will not allow food to pass beyond his stomach. He is slowly starving.

First we started with a medical and evangelistic outreach trip to Haiti. We were a contingency of over 17, including doctors, dentists, preachers and support staff. This trip was sponsored by Saint Paul’s Baptist Church of West Chester Pennsylvania.

We were blessed to be able to minister to over 460 people, including 60 orphans in Port Au Prince and 400 people in Port Au Paix both times under less than ideal clinical settings. We treated everything to severe Tinea Capitis, Obstructed Duodenal Ulcer, obstructed bladder with suprapubic catheter insertion disease with malnutrition and Dental Abscesses with Facial Cellulitis. All of these would require intense medical and even surgical therapy. We had 7 days only. We traveled, slept and relieved ourselves in less than ideal conditions, but a lot of people smiled!


This woman has a severe infection of her tooth, which has caused her entire face to swell. She could barely swallow the medicines we gave her.

This little girl has a severe fungal infection of her scalp, which has become secondarily infected with bacteria. She will likely lose much of her hair.


My office was open ‘air conditioned’ allowing dust to blow through the sheets.

Our team had a husband and wife dental team. Al said; “I will definitely take my assistant home.”


We traveled to our clinic site in this ‘bus’ Notice the ‘emergency brake’ stuck under the rear tire.

Elijah allowed me to first assist him in some minor surgical procedures in our ‘operating room’. The sheets kept the dust out!