Profiles of African American Missionaries

Book CoverIn 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau shows that there are 42 million people who identify themselves as African-Americans. Of the 42 million, there are an estimated 20 million who self-identify as Christians. Of this number, very few leave the United States and go to other countries as missionaries. The reasons for the absence of African-American missionaries are varied and in some respects understandable, yet we are all called to be engaged in the Great Commission.

Profiles of African-American Missionaries features the few who have answered the call. This collection of stories shares the lives and contributions of several African-American missionary pioneers dedicated to reaching the lost for the sake of Christ. Readers will be inspired by the commitment of these mis­sionaries who devoted their lives to the foreign fields, with the full knowledge that God would be with them always as Christ promised. You will be chal­lenged to take a look at your own life and consider a response to our Lord’s command to make disciples.

 Profiles of African-American Missionaries

Edited by Robert J. Stevens and Brian Johnson 1-800-MISSION