Silly Poor Man

I walked out of the shoe store
And noticed his stark stare
Another silly poor man
Now what’s he doing there

He opened his dry lips
His teeth were cracked and brown
He asked me stupid questions
While I looked at the ground

Why do you need two pair?
And yet another tie
I answered him straightforward
I did not bat an eye

While you look at me in awe
So unkempt and so disheveled
I choose to dress in splendor
And thus denounce the devil

I have exquisite fine tastes
For hats, and suits and shoes
From the finest and the latest
Are the things I dare to choose

Besides you may not know this
That the gospel I have heard
Tells me I deserve this
It is written in God’s word

So you see you silly poor man
You need to hear this gospel
Of great riches and great wealth
I am a faithful rich apostle