The H Word

The H Words
There is a word; I don’t like to use it
Holiness! Makes me feel rather stiff
And so I do all I can to avoid it
Because I just want to know ‘what if?’
What if I miss out on the good things?
What if I miss out on the fun?
What if I don’t get all that’s coming?
What will I have missed when life’s done?
Should I choose to be Happy not Holy?
Should I choose to live as I please?
Do I really need to honor God in heaven?
Or indulge every pleasure every tease?
Or should I decide to be Holy not Happy?
Can holiness give me happiness too?
Oh the dilemma of these H words confused me
So I decided to ask God what to do.
He told me that life was not about me
That I was created to bring glory to Him
And that I could only be happy when holy
And to try other ways, I never would win
For Christ on the cross looked to Heaven
But to get there, He had Hell to face
He was not happy to die there
But He was holy and thus took my place
In Holiness, He pleased the Father
And that made the Father beam with delight
So if I choose to make my Father Happy
I’ll be Holy and walk in Christ’s light

Le 11:44 For I am the LORD your God: ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be holy; for I am holy: