The Same Stuff

The same stuff I promised God before
I’ll promise Him again
I make the same old pledges
I make at each year’s end
I promise I will watch my weight
I won’t cuss any more
I’ll stop my smoking and my drinking
I’ll finish all my chores
I’ll read my Bible and pray more often
I’ll go to church each week
I’ll be more careful about movies I watch
I’ll be careful how I speak
I’ll greet the folks I do not like
With genuine smiles and greetings
I’ll give my best to charities
I’ll be on time for meetings
In fact, I’ll remind my God
Last year what I had promised Him I’d do
And if He had remembered then
Then I’d remember too
With each New Year’s resolution
I revisit my situation
And most often find my present promise
Was last year’s destination
The change I desire greatly
The change I desperately crave
Can only be accomplished
By accepting that God saves
And unless I release the old stuff
The same stuff that I hold
Next year I’ll make the same promises
I’ll be the me of old.

Ps 51:10 Create in me a clean heart,
O God; and renew a right spirit within me.