Those Peculiar Johnsons Go To Jail

We have been in prison from the middle of last year and even as the New Year has begun. To tell you the truth, we have been in and out of prison and we plan to buy guns. Yes indeed, these are peculiarly new things.

Out of Narazeth What a blessing to go to prison and then, to leave again. Our visits to the prisons have allowed us and the men of our home church Tasker Street Missionary Baptist Church in Philadelphia, to visit several men in Graterford Prison. It is a high security prison and the most of the men we visited have had not a single visitor for over 20-25 years. We plan to keep at it and we plan to buy guns! Lots of guns, if you can believe that!

This zeal for guns has come from our very joyous and informative symposium with 100 plus attendees on Prison Re-entry at our home church, on October 27, 2012. The symposium included a panel of Church, Christian charities, government and other civic minded organizations. The day was filled with people who wanted to know how they could better know and serve those who were incarcerated and their families. Our prison visits are becoming a habit, and we will soon involve the church youth group and women of the church. Again our plan is to buy guns! We want to buy guns and get them off the streets of Philadelphia. We have established a specific account for this purpose. Please give to the Out Of Nazareth Ministry so we can help those behind the walls and their families. We will raise at least $50,000 with your help to buy guns and trade them in for food and other purchase vouchers.

Miriam Medical Clinics As of December 2012, we have incorporated and are presently applying for Tax Exempt Status for Miriam Medical Clinics. The hope and aim is to offer health care to the underserved and many who may feel ‘undeserving’ within the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. We are negotiating with builders, contractors, and potential employees and our hope is to open by summer of 2013. We plan a sliding scale payment plan, so we will require everyone to pay for care, according to the ability we are able to verify. Please pray with us that we will find favor with churches, donors, government and individuals to make this happen. Also please join us as we now start to reach within our city to make Christ known in the ministry of healthcare. We need at least $80,000 to get started here, which includes Electronic Medical Records and retrofitting and outfitting the building.

The Least of These Ministry The Least of These Ministry continues in Kenya. It is our pleasure to continue to be providing education for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya. Already in 2013, you have given towards the $20,000 required for the first of three school terms to help us educate of young men and women in high school and beyond. They all have continued to work hard making every effort to make you proud and thank you for your support. The best way to break the cycle of poverty is through education. Pictured below is Robyn Moore of World Gospel Mission, Julius Mwalimu and his sister Mary who assist along with Anthony (not pictured here), and the most recent graduates from Limuru Agricultural center. We have 11 more students enrolled. WGM with your help still helps provide medical and educational assistance to the orphans and orphanages in and around Nairobi.

We will need your help to pay second and third term school fees $30,000.

Time flies when you are having fun! My family and friends gave me an incredibly rich experience with a surprise 60th Birthday Party this past December. Alicia our youngest granddaughter, looks on to see if I can blow out these candles myself.

Kay remains on the “No Fly List’ as per her pulmonologist because of the persistence of her symptomatic Sarcoidosis. However, the medications keep it in check and she is able to sing on the church choir and of course oversee the many ministries we have in Philadelphia and assist with those in Kenya from afar.

Elijah continues as a partner in Desert West Surgery and in his spare time helps his son Levi 6 years old, learn to snowboard and become a Karate star! He was recently inducted as a Fellow of the American College Surgeons. Elijah continues to grow in his depth as a man of Christ.

Christina (a.k.a. Aunt Tina by her several nieces and one nephew) remains busy at Connolly and Associates as an auditor of medical insurance billing. She has been blessed to see her career remain steady in an era of downsizing and layoffs.

Emmanuel and Talisi are both busy raising their three daughters Tyra 10 years old, Kaylee 3 years old and Alicia 1 year old, and working full time jobs. Talisi works as a family counselor in Philadelphia and Emmanuel works in sales with Verizon and is a full time student at Temple University studying Political Science and English. They have proven themselves to be faithful and godly parents.

Keturah is a full time student at Drexel University, studying Hospitality Management. She often attends church with Kay and me and helps us in some of the projects and outreaches for Christ.

We were blessed to be surrounded by all four grandkids this Christmas. Levi seems a bit undone surrounded by all of these girls!

Pray for me as I continue to work to maintain my credentials in medicine and surgery in order to be ready as we open our new clinic in Philadelphia. Thank you for all you do to help us do what we are called to do.

Michael for all of those Peculiar Johnsons.