3 visits One Visitor

My comforter came by last evening
He pulled me close to His side
I felt warm within His embrace
It felt good to by His side

He hugged and softly caressed me
His smile and His touch felt so sweet
He massaged my emotion worn body
From my head to the soles of my feet

My Lover stayed the whole night
He covered me with personal care
His whispering helped me sleep soundly
It felt good that my Savior was there

His kind and gentle demeanor
Pulled and tugged at my heart
I knew He would meet all my needs
He’d never, no never depart

My Father awakened me this morning
He asked me how was my rest?
He assured me through the day I’d be challenged
But that He would be with me each test

3 visitors, with one single agenda
One Godhead, one Trinity
One vision, one purpose, one will
To save and sanctify me