He Soothes Me

He knew just how to soothe me
He knew just where to touch
My wounded emotions and my feelings
They were worn so thin, so much

So I exposed my frail emotions
I let Him know just how I felt
Putting aside selfish notions
I bowed my head and knelt

Please comfort me dear Savior
Please embrace me in your arms
Apply your loving touch
Shield me from all harm

You see I don’t know who to turn to
I don’t know who to trust
I would like to be alone with you
Make it just the two of us

It was then He drew me closer
It was then He held me near
It was then He whispered sweetly
‘Dear child, there’s nothing you should fear’

For I am with you always
I am always by your side
Surrender all your cares to Me
Draw close, with Me abide

Oh the sweetness of His touch
The gentle, warm caress
Yes He knows just how to soothe me
He knows just what is best
Mt 11:28
Come to me, all ye who labour and are burdened, and
I will give you rest.