A Clean Kill

Capital punishment needs to be refined. You could make a case for that if you believe in it as a necessary part of justice. If you are going to kill somebody for a crime, it should be clean, neat and safe. Currently this seems not to be the case.

If hanging, electrocution, poisoning by overdose medications, shooting, or even stoning is the method of choice…, to be fair, it should be an uncomplicated process.

After all we are not really seeking revenge, are we? Are we not looking for peace for the family, friends, and society at large for the harm caused by the accused and convicted? Supposedly we can all breathe easier when the one convicted is not breathing. Our hearts are lighter, when the convict’s heart is not beating at all.

Make the drugs safe so we can have a clean kill. Ask yourself. What stone would Jesus choose?

John 8:7 He that is without sin amongst you, cast the first stone.

We are called to a ministry of reconciliation, redemption, and repentance. Instead we pursue a culture of revenge, which does not glorify the resurrection. A clean kill is what Jesus never had. It was inhumane, unjust and we continue to punish the powerless and poor in the name of justice.

A clean kill would require us to look Christ in the face and cast the first stone.