A Prison Chaplain’s Advice

He knew it was wrong
Didn’t have to think twice
He found it so odd
This chaplain’s advice

Your life is worth little
Family and friends have forgotten
Face it dear brother
It’s not just bad, it is rotten

Twenty five years in this place
Most of it locked in a cage
Your health getting worse
You look twice your age

And if by some chance
You are released on parole
You will be shunned by the world
No one cares for your soul

So my advice my dear friend
Should I dare call you such
Just take your own life
You won’t suffer so much

He looked back at the chaplain
Asked ‘what god do you serve?’
You are supposed to speak life
And you have the nerve

To speak death and despair
To counsel my early demise
Would you heed your own words
Would you do as advised

I know Christ as my Savior
I know Him as my King
My life’s in His hands
I will do no such thing

I will live each day in full
I will cherish each breath
I see clearly now that you
Have embraced your own death

Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die.
Job 2:9 KJV