Are You Approved

Mr. AK layed the blueprints on the table. Then he spoke.

You need to look at the weight bearing girders and rafters on this wall. Also, you should know your heating ducts and conduits should run parallel. Lastly, since we have to redo the entire circuitry, you may as well add enough breakers to accommodate the special medical equipment.

I am listening. I understand the language but that is as far as it goes. AK is the contractor. He is describing some of the details for the renovation of the office. He may as well speak Gaelic. I nod in agreement. If this goes on I will nod to sleep. This is mumbo-jumbo.

Dr. Johnson, are you alright?

Mr. AK is either telling me the truth or he is a very confident liar. I don’t even know what questions to ask him. I feel uneasy questioning his sincerity and integrity. Is he really aware of the latest fire codes and city ordinances. Can I trust his information? Has he studied? Is he approved?

I now understand how Mr. AK felt when I advised him about his colonoscopy. He looked at me as though he fully understood. I pulled up my computer generated graphics on the screen.

You see here Mr. AK, your colon has three parts before it empties into your rectum. Your biopsy showed cancer in some of the polyps or growths. The polyps are here in the proximal transverse….,Mr. AK are you alright?

I take the medical lingo for granted. I study constantly and take the certification exams for one or another discipline yearly. I know my diagrams like the back of my hands.

It is important for me recognize that what I consider to be clear and concise descriptions are really mumbo-jumbo to most people. Am I telling them the truth? Or am I just a confident liar? Is he afraid to question by sincerity and integrity?

Have I really completed my latest professional credentialing? Have I studied? Am I approved?

The next time I show my computer graphics I must be aware that the lack of questions or the acceptance of whatever I say is not necessarily informed consent. I must study and I must be up-to-date. I must be prepared both intellectually and spiritually to be sensitive to the questions that Mr. AK has. I need to be approved. Am I ready to share the truth or am I just a confident liar?

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:15 KJV