As quiet as its kept

As quiet as it is kept, Jesus farted. Let us call it intestinal indiscretion so as not to offend anyone who holds very fast to religious doctrines and creeds. That may sound sinful, but it is true. The Savior was totally human and totally divine. It may seem better to say he passed gas, but the effect was the same. Jesus had to move his bowels and this was no doubt preceded by a bit of flatus.

We hate to think of our Lord this way. It sounds demeaning and degrading even sinful to think or utter. It sounds so human and depraved. Well that is just how low Jesus stooped. He stooped down so low as to have to bear with the unclean but very important habits of unclean yet very important creatures.

As I have taken care of people who have lost the ability to control their bowels or bladders this kind of thinking becomes very relevant. It is extremely embarrassing and humiliating to have a bladder catheter, raised toilet seat and diaper. A colostomy and a feeding tube are not cosmetically pleasing. How does the Savior view this loss of control?

As the Lord sat around the campfire with his friends, Jesus was bitten by mosquitoes, sand fleas, and maybe even a nasty fly buzzed around his head. He got tired, hot, dusty and just plain old frustrated with being in the mix of people who had no idea of who He was and why He came. He ate what they ate and I am sure that because Cipro and Penicillin were not invented he got the same diarrhea and vomiting they had with unrefrigerated fish washed down with contaminated well water.

Who soothed the Lord’s fever before there was Tylenol? Life expectancy for his class of people was at best 35 years. There was no universal health care coverage then.

So what does it all mean? Well I have on occasion felt and did everything listed above, including some intestinal indiscretions as did my Savior. So when I feel embarrassed, and uncomfortable, I know He knows that feeling. I can go to Him with these pitiable small complaints and He won’t laugh.

I know how you feel Michael. I’ve been there, done that and at times even had to borrow another T shirt. It is no sin to feel embarrassed. It is not wrong to feel humiliated. Jesus felt it. He invites you to touch Him as He bent down to touch you.

Heb 4:15 For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.