Back In The Day: Let The Little People Wait

I am more important than you, and my time is precious. You little people can wait!

You think I am bad now, I was even more arrogant before. A lot more self-absorbed than I am even now. I was content on buying the best looking suits, nicest cars and of course appearing to be busier than I really was. I was a young surgeon in one of America’s biggest cities and I was well liked, most of all by me, myself, I and my alter ego, Michael Dennis Johnson.

It was back in the day. It seems long ago for me now, but in reality it is not so distant. I was enamored by what I had become and accomplished.

It was not unusual for me to let patients sit in my waiting room while I read the newspaper in my office, just so I could appear to be busy and important. After all, I thought, they have come to see me and I dare not let them believe this is a casual meeting of equals. I am a surgeon and they need to know that.

So I would let them sit, for at least 20-30 minutes. My wife Kay, who served as my office manager, receptionist and…., conscience, would remind me of my arrogance and upbraid me for my ‘better than you’ attitude. Sometimes it worked and I would let the ‘little people’ see me in 10 minutes.

This attitude does not easily go away. In fact, it doesn’t disappear on its own, and it continues to rear its ugly head even now.

Imagine that just having the right pedigree of education, experience, and opportunities in life should actually make me more willing to serve. In fact, it has the exact opposite effect if not held in check by God’s agent, the Holy Ghost, and His other in the flesh side kick…, my wife.

Back in the day, I was arrogant and self-absorbed. I thought I deserved better, and even best because after all, I worked hard, studied hard and nobody else did. God was with me back in the day…, and even now, He reminds me that without Him I would still be living as back in the day.

Be humble. That is where we find grace.

James 4:6 God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.