Belching and Blessing

There is a difference

Bless the Lord, oh my soul…, and all that is within me. Psalm 103:1 KJV

I belched. Then I prayed. I asked the Lord’s blessing on the food I had already consumed. Is that a correct application of this Psalm?

We live in a culture and time when we thank God only when things are going our way. We don’t know how to thank God and we don’t have a clue how to praise Him for suffering.

Suffering is for wrong doers. Suffering means, we have somehow not worked hard enough, prayed hard enough, or had enough faith. Suffering is for losers. Suffering is for sinners and lazy people. The poor are poor because they have not worked hard enough.

If they were only hard working and deserving like me. Buuurrrppp! I am sorry. As I was saying, God has really blessed me. It is clear that He loves everyone, but He really likes me more and the evidence is clear because I have a big house, a pretty wife, healthy children and even a house trained pedigree dog.

Buuurrrppp!! Excuse me. As I was saying. God is good, isn’t He?

Job’s friends felt the same way as they watched his wealth melt away. Bildad one of his best friends said this to Job.

Job 8:6 If you were pure and upright, surely now He would rouse Himself on your behalf, and He would prosper your righteous dwelling. (Modern English Version)

God is not impressed with our belching and burping. If we want to praise Him we must learn to do so not because of the abundance of what He allows us to steward. We own nothing. We are stewards. We are merely temporary guardians of wealth that passes through our hands and once we die, someone else becomes the steward.

Stop the belching. Start the blessing. There is a difference. Buuurrrppp! I am sorry. Did I do that again. Excuse me!

Philippians 4:11 And I am not saying this because I feel neglected, for I have learned to be satisfied with what I have. (Good News Translation)