Feel safer He’s Dead

I woke up this morning and read
Feel safer now that he’s dead
Feel safe in the malls
In school classrooms and halls
That’s right, there is nothing to dread

But somehow this doesn’t ring true
Not quit sure what I should do
Stay home behind curtains
Till I can be quite certain
He is not pursuing me, he wants you

Of course there’s no cause for alarm
Only certain people mean us real harm
They dress in odd fashion
Have religions with passion
We can strike them before they rearm

The problem with this kind of plan
It puts a never ending demand
If we are to survive
We must keep hate alive
And destroy him to the last man

There is the alternative way
But for that all men must obey
If we all want to live
We must learn to forgive
We will give account on the last day

Matthew 26:52 For all that take the sword shall perish by the sword