Forgetful Father

He seems to have a defect
He seems to have a fault
I remind Him of my failures
But somehow He can’t recall

I tell Him of my dark thoughts
Of my sordid past of shame
He looks at His book of failures
But He does not see my name

I recall to Him my present
How I ruthlessly misuse
His favor and His grace
How His mercy I abuse

He turns to hosts of heaven
He looks down to the depths of hell
He searches earth beneath
He finds no one who can tell

For He tabulates and measures
He keeps eternal counts and weights
He returns with a final verdict
He tells me of my fate

He says to me dear son
I do not find your sin
It appears the price was paid
You need not think on them again

For I do keep perfect records
I do punish and do damn
But it appears your slate was cleaned
By the one who said I AM

So when anyone reminds you
Of your failings and your falls
Tell them you have a merciful Father
He has forgiven and forgotten all

If it no longer bothers Him
It should no longer bother them
When your past comes back to you
Take your forgetful Father’s view

Heb 8:12 For I will be merciful to their iniquities, And their sins will I remember no more.