Free Sex is Better Than Safe Sex

Sexual intimacy has been reduced to the laborious search for sexual partners that have no obvious transmittable diseases. Not only must participants trust each other, to be thorough, each should produce on demand the most recent documentation of being not infected from the more common diseases.

Short of that, a quick inspection of the shared body parts will have to suffice. Once the involved parties, (this can be more than 2) have agreed that no obvious rashes, discharge or swellings are present, protective gear should be worn, inserted or applied to either of the three potential orifices. Hopefully, the appropriate medications for preventing infecting or being infected have been taken consistently as prescribed by the doctors. This is how Safe Sex works. It is a a lot of work to get pleasure.

That is why I believe that Free Sex is better than Safe Sex.

Free Sex is free from any of the inspections, documentations or protections Free sex is free from any fears, inhibitions or regrets.

Free Sex is found by keeping oneself pure, until God has united each of the potential participants in the bond of holy matrimony.

After this ceremony of commitment, your Creator allows you to freely enjoy one another. He created sex. He knows what makes it good. Do it His way. Be free to enjoy each other in His way.

Read from the Book of Proverbs Chapter 5 in the Bible

So, my friend, listen closely;
don’t treat my words casually.
Keep your distance from such a woman;
absolutely stay out of her neighborhood.
You don’t want to squander your wonderful life,
to waste your precious life among the hardhearted.
Why should you allow strangers to take advantage of you?
Why be exploited by those who care nothing for you?
You don’t want to end your life full of regrets,
nothing but sin and bones,
Saying, “Oh, why didn’t I do what they told me?
Why did I reject a disciplined life?
Why didn’t I listen to my mentors,
or take my teachers seriously?
My life is ruined!
I haven’t one blessed thing to show for my life!”
Never Take Love for Granted

Do you know the saying, “Drink from your own rain barrel,
draw water from your own spring-fed well”?
It’s true. Otherwise, you may one day come home
and find your barrel empty and your well polluted.
Your spring water is for you and you only,
not to be passed around among strangers.
Bless your fresh-flowing fountain!
Enjoy the wife you married as a young man!
Lovely as an angel, beautiful as a rose—
don’t ever quit taking delight in her body.
Never take her love for granted!
Why would you trade enduring intimacies for cheap thrills with a whore?
for dalliance with a promiscuous stranger?