Give Me Your Body

Song of Songs 2:16
“My Beloved is mine, and I am His…”

Give Me your body
Just as I gave you Mine
A seductive request
From the Savior divine

I have seen you naked before
I saw your parents conceive
About you not a thing I ignore
This one truth please believe

I’ll shield you from fire
I’ll keep you by grace
From filth, muck and mire
You will have no disgrace

Give Me all of your thoughts
Release to Me your whole mind
The temptations you fought
The sins that still bind

I’ll give you good rest
I’ll cleanse and make pure
When you are put to a test
Your success will be sure

Give Me all of your love
Your hopes and your dreams
Think on things up above
Not on things as they seem

Make Me all you desire
Make me your heart’s treasure
Of My love you won’t tire
It’s not transient pleasure

I’ll add delight to your smile
I’ll make your soul feel complete
Other lovers and friends
Cannot really compete

I know where to touch you
Where it hurts, how to soothe
I created your body
I know where you’re bruised

If true love is your hunger
If it’s true peace you seek
Look no further, no longer
I am the Lover who is meek.