Human Handlers

She held the phone far away from her head. The man’s voice carried across the room making us all shudder.

‘You had better not say anything to those doctors. They don’t need to know nothing but what I say they should know.’

She shook and sweated as though he would be able to climb through the cell phone and strike her.

‘I haven’t told them anything. Please don’t shout at me.’

Just get the damn antibiotics and get back to work. I own you.

She clicked the off button and sat silent.

The interview was over.

It is impossible to have a real clinical encounter with a person who is being trafficked for sex. The pimp or handler is always just a phone call, door knock or frightened memory away.

She wouldn’t allow me to examine her. He might know somehow that she was touched. She was pregnant once and the other doctor told her to keep the baby. But if she had kept the baby, she would be no good on the streets.

He said he loved me. Are you judging me?

I sat and just listened. It was impossible to defend myself or protect her. Yes I did believe that she was abused and xploited. But trying to address her infection and the issues of her handler is impossible.

Just do your best to help her. Let God handle the human condition. He does this best.

She said, No man, Lord. And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.
John 8:11 KJV