I Am Respectable

I am a very respectable person because I know how to do the upscale sins. That’s right. I have certain sins down to a fine art. I practice on my wife. There is a long list we found reading through Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges. I have come to master over her is these sins. She can’t hold a candle to me.

  1. Being inconsiderate doesn’t require a lot of practice, but once recognized, you have to harden your heart to keep at it. Take for instance, cleaning up after my own mess. I have grown accustomed to having someone come behind me and to the ‘dirty work’ for me. At least that is how it works in the hospital. I can’t get away with that at home.
  2. At home I do what works to get my way. I dominate a conversation, not allowing another point of view to be spoken. I want the attention on me and my way of thinking. I got that habit after being in the hospital also. No one interrupts the doctor. So listen to me. It is my opinion that matters, not yours. I get to have the last word.
  3. As a doctor, I can keep you waiting. It does not work the other way around. You have to honor my time. I don’t have to honor yours. I am more important than you, and the things I have to do are more urgent and more important than your trivial pursuits. So don’t complain, just wait until I’m done.
  4. I can see through your cover up and I know what you are hiding. I consider it my right, or even my obligation to let the world know of what I perceive as your failings. It is my respectable sin of judging when I really don’t know what is in your heart or on your mind.
  5. I will put forward a contest. Can you beat me at some of these respectable sins? I can really give you a run for your money! I get a great work out competing with my wife.