Jesus Had a Fool

It is a common saying; ‘the man who chooses himself as his own attorney has a fool to defend him’.

This describes the Lord of glory. He chose to defend himself. And in doing so, he remained silent before all of His accusers. He knew very well ‘everything He said would be held against Him’ so He chose to just be silent before His accusers. No matter what He said, He would be found guilty.

We live in an era of increasing demands for ‘human rights’. Children demand rights. Husbands and wives demand rights. Citizens demand rights from their governments. All of these are completely antithetical to the Bible as I read it.

There is not a single instance in the Bible that puts our sexual orientation, economic status, color or caste or any other single distinction as something that mandates others, not even God should accept and acknowledge who we are.

What I do see is the demand to be a fool. To be silent before our accusers and let God allow us to be crucified to our agendas so that His agenda will be fulfilled.

Jesus stated his case by His life. Here it is; John 15:25, They hated me without a cause.

Now to be truthful I have given many people many reasons to hate me. I have offended, disappointed, hurt, fallen short of expectations and even intentionally hurt many people. I confess that I did so with what seemed as completely legitimate, justifiable reasons, rational within my rights and I would defend myself even in God’s great court against anyone who would say otherwise.

The problem is, if I am to truly model Jesus, the sinless one (so noted by all who recorded his life, even Pontius Pilate three times) I have no defense that is true. I lie to cover my offense against others. I enjoy my sin so much that I am willing to use my ‘rights’ as a justification for my wrongs against God.

Jesus chose a fool. He defended Himself. He lost His case before men, but won it before God. He had every right to declare Himself innocent of any of the charges against Him. He replied; ‘Suffer it be so, so that the Father’s will be done.’

In this increasing age of addiction to our rights…, Christ would bid us to be addicted to our responsibilities.

I am responsible to minister to those who are hungry, in pain, lonely, naked and the host of things which I know nothing about as I peruse the safety net of family, friends and unlimited resources of prayer.

Get addicted. Get the right addiction. Get addicted to your responsibilities to meet the needs of those around you. Be a fool that is accused rightly of doing things that honor the Father. That pleases the Christ and in pleasing Him, you please His Father, whom you will meet one day soon.

Jesus had such an addiction. Joh 8:29 And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.