My Dimples

She Noticed My Dimples

She smiled at me. ‘You have nice dimples’ she said. I didn’t even know I had dimples so her compliment to this 6-year-old boy in Kindergarten that meant a whole lot. Her smile resonates with me to this day.

It always feels good to be noticed and complimented. This is even truer nowadays as the young are constantly assaulted with social media which berates and belittles them. As adults we need to take every opportunity to notice the dimples, smiles and whatever is positive about the young lives that come our way. My dimples have long been replaced by wrinkles and moles. I still remember the compliment.

Compliment a child today. Notice the best in them, just like Christ notices the best in you.

Matthew 18:5 KJV And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.