Pleasure is not the Measure

The debate over human sexuality is as old as the act of sex itself. There is nothing new about intercourse, except what now appears as an upsurge in worldwide mandate that all unions be considered equal. It is to assume that if man wills it so, God must have meant it to be. The discussion centers on the pleasure two (or more) people find by sharing their bodies and in many cases their lives with each other. The argument for equality of same gender and transgender sexual encounters has nothing to do with the central issue for which sex was created from the Biblical perspective. When God made man and woman he told them to be fruitful and multiply, just as He had commanded all of his creation which bore seed and spores. Sex for the sake of pleasure was to be confined within this relationship of man and woman.

Now to be sure, the argument has been made that there is no condemnation of same sex relationships in the Bible. That argument does not hold to Biblical truth, but furthermore, there is not a single instance in the Bible where God applauds such activity. So no matter what the political or social agenda may be, it does not match the Biblical record.

Christians are divided on this issue, solely because they want everyone to be ‘happy’. God is not really interested in our happiness. He demands our holiness. Seek holiness, get happiness, not the other way around.

If pleasure is the measure of our behavior, then there are no limits to our sexuality. Bestiality, rape, incest and molestation are all pleasurable acts, which for now are deemed inappropriate. No one I believe is advocating for the repeal of laws limiting this kind of behavior.

For those who argue that ‘people are born that way’ I would add ‘you may be right’. However, there are many things which I am born with a propensity to do, such as lying, stealing, and a host of other habits which serve to undermine my own wellbeing as well as that of the people around me.

We can control our sexuality, no matter how we feel inclined to express it. The only essentials of life are food and water, and of course the elimination of bodily waste. Sex is not necessary for survival of the individual, only the species. If same sex relationships were to disappear, mankind would survive. However if heterosexuality were no more…., well it would not take long before mankind would disappear.

If pleasure is the measure of our sexuality, that is if it feels good, it must be good and right, then we are doomed as a species.

1 Corinthians 6:12-13 reminds us that all things are meant for our pleasure, but pleasure is not our aim. God wants us to glorify us in our bodies. Pleasure is not the measure of glorifying Him. If it is to His glory, then it is for our good.