Road Kill

What were they doing on the side of the road anyway? Those people in that earthquake worship the devil. They surely got what they deserved. The godless idol worshipers caught in the tsunami were sinners damned by God. Why were those kids out late at night? Why don’t those people take better care of their bodies? They all have it coming, including the alcoholic, the murderers, child abusers, sexual perverts, prostitutes, illegal aliens, terrorists and the whole lot can go to hell before they expect any help from me. They should not be on the side of the road. I stepped over them. Leave them alone as road kill, in the wrong place at the wrong time. They should know better!

The fascinating thing about Jesus and the parable of The Good Samaritan, is that the Savior never explains why the man chose to travel on a dangerous road all by himself. Apparently it was a known bad place. Jesus, however, focused on the response of the ‘good people’ who happened to pass the injured man.

This parable refers not only to the least of these, but also the least worthy these. I must confess that like Paul I am amongst the least worthy of all. But Christ did not ask me why I was on the side of the road. He bent down, and healed me, and said; ‘go and sin no more!’

I, on the other hand walk by the road kill. It is easier of course. I am one of the good people.

Are you like me; one of the ‘good people?’ Do you find yourself asking; ‘what are they doing on the side of the road?’ Are you blaming or bandaging?

Are you bending down, bathing, applying balms, or standing over accusing?

Lu 10:33 But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him,

Mt 25:45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

1Ti 1:15 This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.