This Moving Mountain

A reading of Psalm 125 without a look at the current geography of the nation of Israel would leave one to believe that Mount Zion is an actual set in stone place. It is true that we can actually point to a site that is presently designated as Mount Zion. However, according to the very trusted (???) source Wikipedia: The name Mount Zion referred successively to three locations, as Jerusalemites preserved the time-honored name, but shifted the location they venerated as the focal point of biblical Jerusalem to the site considered most appropriate in their own time.

In other words, their view of this depiction of the holy mount shifted with time. So when the Psalmist wrote Psalm 125: 1-2 “Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever”, he had not read Wikipedia.

He was unaware of what the future would hold as far as political entities and nation states. He knew only one thing for sure. Though mountains may shake, they don’t move. Though volcanoes may blow their tops even implode, they remain where God has planted them.

God is our immovable mountain. We are swept along with events, the seasons and fashions. Wikipedia will define what is culturally normal today as what is right. And in the next millennia, next century, next decade or next week will define another shift in what is socially and morally acceptable.

God is an unchanging, unmoving mountain. If we trust in the cultural shifts as found in the Wikipedia oracles of the day, we are like the scepter of the wicked…. That the righteous use their hands for evil (verse 3).

We have a God who is un-moveable and unshakeable. The living God is moved with compassion, not fashion. He surrounds us and protects our hearts and minds even when it feels we are alone. We feel this un-moveable mountain only when we; trust in mount Zion.


Father help us to trust in you and know that you are moved with compassion to protect us from the evils that surround us in this day as we grow closer to you. May we know without doubt that you will do good through us and in us as we desire to be upright in heart v.4