You Trusted Us: 25 Years and Counting

God called us to long term missions almost 25 years ago. You have trusted us then. We pray you will continue to trust us. This update is to provide you with the reasons why.

They are not quite human so we can kill them. This is a paraphrase of author Eric Metaxas, who spoke at Reach Pennsylvania on behalf of protecting the unborn. He was referring to the insights of William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonheoffer. Eric Metaxas has authored books on these two men. He spoke passionately about them, describing how, during their lifetimes, they fought against the powers that saw some people as less than human and hence expendable; the African slaves and the Jews.

The sin of slavery and the horrors of genocide were considered normal and acceptable in those societies. Abortion is normal and acceptable today. Our society considers the unborn less than human as they have no voice, and are not perfectly formed as those who make the decisions about their lives. In the United States, nearly 40-50 percent of babies of African descent are murdered in the womb. Genocide continues.

“…according to the archives of the Tuskegee Institute, from 1882 to 1968 – 86 years – the Ku Klux Klan lynched 3,446 Negroes…,abortion on demand in America accomplishes that is less than 4 days.” (Source: CNS News)

Are they less than human because they are still in the womb and defenseless? Are they humans for whom Jesus died? We trust that you will continue support us as we carry this message to ears that won’t hear. Help us continue support the Hope Pregnancy Center in Philadelphia.

Miriam Medical Clinics is off to a slow start, but not a “no” start. While we search for a permanent dwelling in Philadelphia for the clinic, 12,000 homeless people yearn for the same. See the facts here

We have decided to start ministering to the homeless immediately, rather than continue to wait for all of the specific things on our wish list. It is obvious we are overwhelmed. Despite the outreach of Christian, government, and humanitarian efforts many of these unsheltered men, women and children will face even greater difficulties during the approaching winter. We still have desire and design for a permanent structure, but Christ bids us to start where we are with what we have. We invite you to trust us and even volunteer to work with us as we provide health care in shelters and ‘drop-in’ centers for people who need care in Christ’s name. You can work with us in a number of capacities including social work, and counseling. The hurdles we face for permanency of where we think we should be should never deter us from serving from where people are.

Out of Nazareth remains focused on mobilizing the church in service to those who are incarcerated. Although the record has been a bit ‘checkered’ there is good news. One year after what we deemed a successful conference on the perils of the imprisoned, and after numerous visits and letters to those behind bars, there is no massive tide of volunteers. The good news is that several men from our home church have completed courses and are actively involved with counseling. They trust that being screened, patted down, even having background checks is worth ministering in Christ name. We ask that you trust and invest with us as we continue to mobilize them. Though we may have a passion for getting guns off of the Philadelphia streets through our buy-back program, few has felt that same passion. We are still hopeful for this program to take off, but in the meantime, pray that the passions for peace will overcome passion for to spill blood. In the meantime, we trust that love makes a difference as demonstrated in the ministry “Reaching Out From Within.” (Source: CBS News)

The Least of These is a ministry in transition that still needs your trust and support. Though we are establishing ministries in Philadelphia, we have an obligation to support the 12 children who are still in high school and college in Kenya. One way we will do that is by selling the car we have that remains in Kenya and use the proceeds to support the educational costs for these children. We continue to need your help to see these students through their educational challenges as they will by God’s grace become the Christ filled leaders of Kenya. You can do so by giving to this ministry you have come to trust over these many years.

100 Years and Counting in Trust God has given us a legacy of trust. Grannie, Nannie, Modeah, Mrs. Edna Odessa Tartt Simmons Harris, celebrated 100 years of life with us this September. We can only pray we can be good stewards of the lives He has entrusted with us.

Grandma Kay and Grandpa Mike are on a surrey ride in Philadelphia with our son Emmanuel and his 3 daughters, Tyra, Kaylee and Alicia.

He Trusted Us which is an amazing thing. Over 2,000 years ago, God trusted that we would kill His only begotten Son…, and He sent Him anyway. As we enter the ‘Christmas season’, it is an awesome, and awful reality that our Father knew exactly He was sending the Christ, what He would do, How He would be received and how He would die. Yet Jesus came as a babe, defenseless, (not aborted) homeless, was incarcerated, and was eventually murdered by His kinsmen. Sure sounds a lot like the reasons you have entrusted yourself with the ministries God has given us over the years. As you celebrate this Christmas, celebrate by giving generously in Christ’s name.

We are glad to introduce a new book entitled ‘Broken Pottery’. It is a collection of poems and prose reflecting the challenges God has given us over the years of ministry and marriage. We pray that this book will allow all who read it to take joy in being used for God’s glory and thus for His purpose. We were made from clay so that we could be broken and made whole again. Jeremiah 18:6 ‘…,God’s Decree! “Watch this potter. In the same way that this potter works his clay, I work on you, people of Israel.’ (The Message).