Welcome Jesus. Don’t expect much

I know it is your birthday Jesus, so I welcome you. But don’t expect much. Here is why.

1. You always want to be the center of attention.
You want the day to have your name in front
b. You want us to sing praises to you.
c. You want us to make special effort to read about you.

2. The gifts want you can’t be wrapped easily.
a. Sacrifice
b. Forgiveness
c. Humility
d. Longsuffering
e. Love
f. Love
g. More Love

3. You think all the gifts should somehow reflect holiness
a. No gift that would deflect from your perfection
b. No gift that would cause me to stumble in sin
c. No gift that would inhibit me to speak about you

So I have decided to have the party. Pop in if you want, but don’t expect much.