A Special Hate

It takes a special kind of hate. You will never understand just how special that hate is unless you have lived on both sides of it. The majority population in this country will never understand it because they always have the option of living on one side. The minority population has no option but to listen to, interact with and negotiate with both sides.

I have listened to the racial tirades, epithets, slurs, insults from both sides. This allows me, and those like me, to be able to understand this special kind of hate. This special hate breeds more of its own in the perverted sense that unless it keeps hate alive, people will start to love one another as Christ said.

This special hate needs an object to vilify. It feeds and comforts itself by nourishing the thought of necessary revenge. It keeps itself pure and clean from hope of resolution and reconciliation, by reminding itself of just how evil they believe others are.

It is a special hate that can reach back for hundreds and yes even thousands of years…., and cause pain to those of present day.

This hate is special. To understand it you must live on both sides.