Break Me

People like me. I pay my bills on time. I hold the door open for old people on crutches. I pay my taxes. I say please, thank you and God bless you at the appropriate times. I am really a very nice guy. If I ain’t broke…., why fix me? In truth God doesn’t want to fix me. He wants to break me. Why should I be broken?

I have become so accustomed to my religious, church, moral, nice, comfortable life that I refuse to consider it could be and actually must be better. I feel good as I am. Why should I change? People like me.

The Apostle Paul stated that I must be careful in my sense of having arrived at the point of perfection where there is no need for change. But, I refuse to examine myself daily to see if I am the measure of the man Christ demands me to be. I believe that I am on solid ground, but as Paul said:

1 Corinthians 10:12 So the one who thinks he is standing firm, should be careful not to fall.

Just because I am working properly, doesn’t mean I am working in the way that God wants. He wants to remake me and that means breaking me.

I must let God break me of my pride, my selfishness, my sense of entitlement, my anger, unforgiving spirit, my jealousy and a long list of things that allow me to work well, but not work best. I need to be broken, remade on a daily basis. If I ain’t broke, please Lord break me and remake me.

Psalm 51:8 Let me hear joy and gladness, let the bones which you have broken may rejoice.