New Norm Gender Agenda

Safe sex used to mean not getting caught or pregnant. Now it means not getting infected.

Condoms used to be behind the pharmacist counter, available only on request. Cold remedies were next to the candy. Now condoms are next to the chewing gum and I have to present ID to buy a decongestant.

I now examine 5 and 6 years old boys who wear dresses named Julia and 30 year old men named Sophie taking estrogen and complaining of penile discharge.

I am expected to acknowledge and accept these discrepancies as normal despite what I learned in biology, physiology, anatomy and genetics.

There is a specific gender agenda which I will never accept as I continue to provide care.

No matter what body parts are removed or added every cell has either two X’s or a single X and Y.

Cut off, add on, inject the hormone, prostate cancer and breast tissue remain a risk.

No matter where you put the condoms, cough drops or decongestants.

What cones next stop, change from Central Asian to Central American or Central African, by choice?