Underexposed and Overdeveloped

In the old days…., long , long, long time ago…, well not so long it seems.  I was a boy however and for many who read this it seems a long time ago.  We used to have cameras back then and they were a bit more of a challenge to operate.  Getting the image on the film required going to a dark place where there was little if any light, opening the back of the camera and then opening the package of film.  The film was on a spool and had a lot of little holes on it and it would hook into some gears that would pull it across to the opposite side of the camera.  Each time it would pull, it would be ready for exposure to the light coming from the lens.  Hence, you would get the image of the object you wanted.

That is if you did not overexpose it.  If somehow you were not in the right place, got too much light your film would be overexposed.  When you took it to the developer, they would try to get something from your film but most often it would be underdeveloped from the extreme light images.

I have often looked back on the old days, long, long, long time ago and wondered how many times I left my own mind and soul overexposed to things that today still taint me?  What parts of my psyche, my emotional make up, my habits, my personality were overexposed to the things that have left me underdeveloped?

Thank God for His grace.  He does allow us to advance to the digital age.  He does give us a second chance, third chance…, in fact He has so much film up in heaven that we will marvel when we turn in our expired rolls of film.

The most important thing God is asking of me is to keep myself from things that would continue to expose me to unwholesome activities and thoughts.

Moses was talking to the sinful children of Israel who had been exposed to the ways of Egypt and the immorality of the day.  His admonition was: Genesis 45:7 And God sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance.

Holiness is not an option for those who want to be like God.  It is a must.  Without it we will remain underdeveloped.  We will never experience the true picture of ourselves nor the great things He wants to show us.  Expose yourself to what God wants to show you.  Read His word.